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We invite you to tour and discover the easy-going island in the Seychelles. With a temperate climate with no clear distinction between summer and winter, locals have developed a unique and wonderful lifestyle.

There is much to do – like explore the local markets in the town centre, full of charming Seychelles style and trends, take a leisurely visit to the museum or national archives, stroll through the botanical gardens or tea plantation, visit public buildings or dine in the local Creole restaurants.

Nature lovers will delight in a scenic walk (or perhaps a more energetic jog) through forests to nearby waterfalls, up mountains and along vast stretches of beach, be thrilled by horseback rides or celebrate the ocean by having a picnic aboard a Catamaran or indulging in a beach barbeque.

10 Things To Do For Couples

Botanical Garden Visit
The botanical garden was established in 1901 by Queen Victoria. It features a collection of native palms, endemic plant species, a tortoise park and a shorrrainforest walk. More than 100 years old, the garden is found in the heart of Victoria. Originally planted to experiment with growing crop species during the colonial era, the garden’s purpose has since undergone metamorphosis and is a present-day park open to the public. See local bird species at play here, from the Seychelles Bulbul to the Seychelles Blue Pigeon. The garden is also home to the Coco De Mer, a world-renowned palm tree and Aldabran Giant Tortoises, one of the Seychelles Archipelago’s 115 variant islands.

Victoria City
Victoria is Mahe’s largest settlement and the capital of the Republic of Seychelles. A 45 minute drive from Banyan Tree Seychelles, activities such as exploring Victoria – where a third of all Seychellois reside – is like winding through a postcard-perfect town, enjoying local shops and Eden Plaza.

Rum Shack and Organic Farm Tour
Taste Seychellian rum while delighting in flaky forkfuls of freshly barbecued fish at the Rum Shack on Intendance Bay. Visit the organic farm garden that supplies Banyan Tree Seychelles with almost three quarters of its fresh ingredients, and engage in an interactive cooking experience that will introduce you to Seychellois gastronomy.

Market Street
An array of food and crafts can be found at the market in Victoria. Couples strolling through hand in hand will see fishermen haul their catch to market, stalls offering fragrant spices and citronella, sellers purveying tea and local delicacies and a beautiful collection of local crafts. The locals fashion crafted items from the ubiquitous island coconut, and also make jewellery and silk paintings by hand.

Turtle Nesting At Anse Intendance
Banyan Tree Seychelles is a homing zone for turtles to lay eggs each year. Turtle season begins in October and ends in February, when the last nest hatches and the final baby turtle crawls to the sea safely to find life in the ocean.

Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception
This French-colonial-style Roman Catholic church was built in 1874 and is located in Victoria. It is the centre of religious life for many Seychellois and features a small garden with a graceful statue of the Virgin Mary.

Day Tour To Praslin And La Dique
With its languid ways, time-honoured traditions and carefree lifestyle, La Digue is a scenic island where you can enjoy a refreshing coconut drink before experiencing plantation life firsthand at L’Union Estate. Swim in the waters of the world-famous Anse Source D’Argent, before feasting on a Creole lunch at La Domaine. Visit the neighbouring island of Praslin and embark on a guided tour to the enigmatic Vallée de Mai, where the legendary Coco-de-Mer grows in the shadow of a hidden valley. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is believed to be the legendary Garden of Eden.

The island is a spiritual harbour for international sporting and recreational fisherman, who return each year to break fishing records. Numerous records have been set within the teeming archipelago; world records for Striped Bonito, Bonefish, Giant Guitarfish, Bigeye Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Giant Trevally, Moustache Grouper, Humphead Maori Wrasse and Dogtooth Tuna are just some of them. With some of the world’s ripest fishing waters, Seychelles has an abundance of Wahoo, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Rainbow Runner and Marlin, making it a big-game fishing arena for both seasoned and novice fishermen. Nestled in the heart of the Intendance Bay, Banyan Tree Seychelles provides excellent fishing grounds for guests.

Eden Plaza
The exclusive Eden Island development is located just off Mahé and is home to a finite number of luxurious villas, sophisticated maisons and stylish apartments. The development also boasts a full-service, deep-water marina with private moorings for each residence in the resort. In addition to exceptional accommodation, Eden Island is also well equipped with secluded beaches, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, a gymnasium, child-friendly play areas and a world-class shopping centre.

Banyan Tree Spa
Like its sacred floral namesake, the Banyan Tree luxury spa in Seychelles offers guests a Sanctuary for the Senses – a place for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. To achieve this, the Spa focuses on a non-clinical and holistic approach based on traditional Eastern healing therapies. Its approach celebrates the human touch and the use of natural herbs and spices. Banyan Tree Spa pioneered the Tropical Garden Spa concept with its Eastern therapies and holistic focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. As Asia’s first upmarket oriental spa, it reintroduced an exotic blend of ancient health and beauty practices reverently passed down as generational heirlooms.

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