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Poland is a country with over a thousand year’s of tradition and a turbulent history which may be traced through its various historic, religious, industrial and architectural monuments and relics.

Most of these have been well preserved within the major urban centres of Krakow, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw or Sandomierz. The origins of a country which found itself in the central part of Europe, where the East, West, North and South come together, resulted in a multicultural, divergent style of customs, traditions and historical monuments that are revered within each of the respective regions.

What can you do on winter sports in Poland?

The winter sports season in Poland runs from December to April and you can:

cross-country skiing
winter hiking
make beautiful ski trips
ice-sailing, fishing and climbing
make dog sledding trips
Family holiday with children in Poland
A family holiday with children is certainly worth considering in Poland.

The ski areas are perfect for beginners. The demanding skier will find fewer challenges in Poland, but the price level may compensate for that. Moreover, the price / quality ratio is getting better because there is also investment in the quality of the various ski areas.

The lift installations are generally modern and well maintained.

Waiting times hardly occur or are limited. Ski schools often have access to a children’s class and there are also childcare opportunities for the little ones. You can save well in Poland with German or English.

The most famous ski resorts in Poland are:
The most famous winter sports resorts in Poland are Szklarska Poreba, Karpacz and Zakopane. You can find them in the south and south-west of Poland. The Giant Mountains are not only a popular winter sports destination in the Czech Republic, it also makes a winter sports holiday possible in Poland. Further south is the Tatra Mountains where the highest peak is 2500 meters.

Zakopane – Tatra Mountains, this is undoubtedly the most popular winter sports destination in Poland, where snow lies from the end of November until well into April. It is a snow-sure destination with a ski area where you will find 160 km of pistes and about 25 km with beautiful cross-country trails. Many slopes are lit so you can ski at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Great for beginners and skiers who are already a step further. Also for families with children a beautiful and especially nice destination. Zakopane is a bustling town with lots to do and it is very cozy.

Karpacz – Giant Mountains, in this ski area there is a descent of 2.2 km. There are lovers of powder and off-piste skiing. Some are cross-border to the Czech Republic. For children and beginners there are also several shorter pistes at Karpacz.

Cross-country skiers and winter hikers can indulge in more than 100 km of well-groomed trails, but in addition there are also almost 150 km of routes that are not prepared. For children (and the parents) there is a toboggan run at Karpacz.

Czarna Góra – Giant Mountains is a completely new ski resort and is located at the Snieinik mountain. At this new winter sports center there are six tow lifts and a modern cable car at the cozy village of Czarna Góra. It is a nice area for skiers and snowboarders while the area is also perfect for cross-country skiing.

Bieszczady Mountains lies in the south-east of Poland and from the beginning of December to mid-March the snow creates an enchanting world in the National Park Bieszczady. Here you will find fantastic opportunities for hiking with snow shoes or for cross-country skiing. At Cisna, Polonina Wetlinska and the Polonina Carynska you can make beautiful trips.

The Beskidy Mountains have about 32 km of ski routes near the town of Szczyrk, at the foot of the Skrzycne (1557 m), which are predominantly suitable for skiers who opt for a blue or red run.


Beaches, cliffs and the Kaszubian folklore, thousands of lakes hidden deep within ancient forests and all watched over by the towers of immense Teutonic fortresses. The domes of eastern churches scattered around the countryside and the mountainous regions. Poland is a fascinating jigsaw puzzle, composed of many colourful regional pieces.

The beaches, cliffs and resorts of West Pomerania occupy a strip of the Baltic coast from the island of Wolin up to Kolobrzeg. The Drawsko Lake District is also found in this region.

Poland’s largest shifting sand dunes can be found in East Pomerania, in the Slowinski National Park, the country’s longest peninsula, the Hel Peninsula, as well as the largest forest of yew trees in Europe in the Tucholski Forest. All this is all spiced up with the folklore of Kaszubia and Kujawy and the reminders of the Mennonite culture in Zulawy.


Gigantic metropolises, historic towns and villages of sentimental charm have all had poems and songs written about them. Poland officially has a total of 887 towns. The largest is Warsaw, with a population of 1.7 million, while the smallest Polish town has just 884 inhabitants…

The main cities are not only the capitals of their fast-developing regions, but also have their own unique character.


Because some of the changes in the natural environment that were caused by economic development that occurred in Poland later than in the rest of Western Europe, some of the species and types of habitat which have since disappeared in other regions, still exist in Poland.

Also, the long traditions of conservation of nature in Poland have helped to save much of the last great European primeval forests like the “Puszcza Bialowieska” (Bialowieza Forest). Here there is an opportunity to see how nature throughout the whole of Central Europe used to look like many centuries ago.

The largest animals in Poland are the rare European bison. By the 18th century, the European bison was almost extinct, with only small herds remaining in the Bialowieza Forest and around the Caucasus Mountains. Today some 250 bison range freely in the Bialowieza Forest and the entire bison population of Poland numbers about 660 animals. The species is now bred in most European countries and all European bison around the world have some ancestors from the Bialowieza region and to date this is the only case in history where a species of this size has been saved by regeneration breeding.

There are also several other locations in Poland which have hardly been touched by civilization like the wild and desolate Bieszczady Mountains with their spectacular highland pastures known as poloniny and the inaccessible flood plains along the Biebrza River which is home to many rare bird species, sometimes not found anywhere else in Europe.

The National Parks contribute greatly to the protection of natural resources in Poland. The area of any National Park may not be smaller than 2500 acres. The parks protect areas which are distinctive for their unique scientific, natural, cultural and educational values. A National Park protects all aspects of nature and all the specific landscape features within its confines. The main task of a National Park is to study and preserve the unity of natural systems of the protected area as well as to restore the disturbed or extinct elements of its native environment. The Park should be open to visitors but nature conservation is its main objective and has priority over all other activities.

There are 23 National Parks in Poland with total area of approximately 780,000 acres, which take up about 1 percent of the country’s total area. Polish National Parks are unique in Europe for their diversity of wildlife, their size and varying geographical features.

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